A lot of people were enjoying a quiet, routine weekend, and some of you were not even born... on Saturday, the 17th June, 1989, the day I was born. It happened in the village of Čeladná in North Moravia. My mom gave birth to her second son and my dad could celebrate.

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Throughout my childhood I lived in Kozlovice, where I attended basic school. My first experience with music came when I was 5 years old, when I started to attend the folk choir Valasek. I had a close relationship to the folklore, because my mom sang for many years in folk choirs. Gradually, I began to show my interest in sports as well, so I started to play football.

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As I slowly grew up, new interests appeared. My interest in football came to the forefront and unfortunately, not much time was left for the Valasek choir. Also, I suddenly felt the desire to learn how to play a musical instrument. So I tried the keyboard. But as quickly as I started this hobby, was as quickly as I finished. However, the desire to play a musical instrument persisted. My cousin began taking lessons on the acoustic guitar andI thought that it might be the right one for me, too. And now I know that I was right.

Within a week, my parents got me my first acoustic guitar and I was very happy, because I was really interested in this instrument. After about two years, having trained really hard playing guitar and singing, my parents signed me up for my first singing competition. It was the FEDD (International Festival Skills of Children) competition, where I sang the song, Nad stadem koni (Over a Herd of Horses), from the band Buty. I managed to win, which really motivated me and gave me a zest to practise and participate in other competitions. Over time, I attended many competitions, where I usually took one of the first three places.

Then came my adolescence and football became my number one priority. The success I had achieved in singing became invisible to me and all I wanted to be was a footballer- it was my "teenage dream". But my father soon woke me from that dream and he pushed me into singing and playing the guitar. I remember those days when I came home from school; my dad was waiting for me with a guitar in his hand and at that time I had a sick feeling about practising. Fortunately, this period did not last long.

Soon it came time to enter high school and I chose the Business Academy in Frydek-Mistek. I remember this period very happily, but I spent less time than it usually takes to graduate from high school. When I was at the beginning of the 3rd year, it was 2005/2006, I enrolled in the TV contest “Czech SuperStar III”, where I gradually fought my way through several elimination rounds of about 9,000 contestants to win fifth place overall. This radically changed my life.

After this competition, I decided to interrupt my schooling and I moved from Kozlovice to Prague. I started to tour and gave many concerts. I began writing my own songs, which led to me creating my first album titled, "Můj barevny svet" ("My Colorful World"), where I worked with producer Paul Sadlik. My CD was released by JH publishing.

As I said, I started to participate in many concerts in the various clubs, small festivals, charity events and even gave many of my own concerts. The competition “Czech SuperStar III” was a milestone for me, but I do not look at it as THE major thing in my life. I do not want to use only this competition to build a career or what I do; rather I see it as a springboard. But I'm glad for the experiences and memories that I have gathered through this competition; it was like no other.

After successfully graduating (2011/2012) from secondary school in Brandys nad Labem,I am currently preparing my second album, in which I am working with the American musician and producer, Ian Kelosky. It will be completely different than the first one. The CD will be in English and the music is, in my opinion, more advanced. I think people will be able to feel what I lived through the last 5 years and what important events have happened in my life.

In mid-2012, amongst other things, I joined the band Doctor Victor, not as a singer but as a Bass guitarist.

Over time, I will add more information about me here. There are a lot of new at Basel World 2015.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!!